Your child is always very special, the most important person in the world and a great way to capture some moment is painting. Renate really captured Gabriel’s look. The feeling is magical. Now when the picture is in our bedroom, every morning I wake up and I can not stop to enjoy it. He is so genuine and real. When he grows up and gets married, I think this painting for me will worth a million! Thank you.

Sintija Germane,2013, 2013

“ Renate paints to capture the essence of her subject and in doing so arrives at an amazing place for both herself and the viewer ,depicting an imagined interpretation truly beautiful and yet completely beyond imitation making her work unique and special . The hallmark of any a great artist.”

John Houston ( Owner ) Outside The Square Gallery , 2012

Love the waterdrops, beautifull idea :-)

Rita Kalniņa, 2012